How to Speed up Your Windows Netbook

(with the Best PC Performance Software)

By using PC Health Advisor, you can:

  • Speed up your netbook performance in 3 easy steps: download, diagnose, and fix.
  • Maintain the health of your netbook with all the tools you'll need, in one place. 
  • Clean your netbook hard drive to free up disk space, so you can save more valuable stuff.

Wondering Why Your Netbook is Running Slow? Here Are the 7 Main Causes

  • You've got loads of startup programs. If too many processes and services want to join the fun when you turn on your netbook, it's no wonder that the boot time as well as the overall performance will be affected.
  • Your netbook hard drive is almost full. If you are used to save everything especially large files such as pictures and videos on your netbook. Chances are it's getting full sooner than later. Also, system junks can take up gigabytes of precious disk space.
  • You've installed too many heavy-weight applications. A netbook usually has a small-size RAM (random access memory) which is critical in processing and responding your task requests. Heavier software like games tend to "eat" more system resources (CPU, RAM).
  • You've got Windows system issues. No matter your netbook is loaded with Windows XP, Vista, 7, over time it's unavoidable that issues like Windows registry errors, outdated device drivers, system update errors will come up.
  • You are multitasking and torturing your netbook. Computers are like humans (yes, they are designed by humans). You'll easily get burned out when you multitask. The same principle goes with netbooks too.
  • Your netbook is overheating. When that happens, the hardware (in particular, the CPU) will work less efficiently and your netbook is going to freeze more and run sluggishly eventually. Also, constant overheating can burn your hardware and cause serious issues.
  • Your hardware configuration is limited. It's a netbook, not a laptop. Even if your netbook is brand new, it can run a bit slower than you thought. So, don't demand too much from your device and treat it well.
“My Acer Aspire netbook is running extremely slow. It keeps freezing when I open Chrome or other applications. It's really annoying. I would love to fix this as soon as possible. Any ideas?”

In general, there are three ways to fix a slow netbook. The first yet most effective one is to upgrade hardware, for example, add more RAM or a larger-volume hard drive or an SSD (solid-state drive) if you really want to boost its performance. However, it would cost you a ton as new hardware is not cheap. Secondly, changing your computing habits can help. Do not let your netbook on for too long, restart more often, try not to multitask, etc. And lastly, you can use a netbook speed up software like PC Health Advisor to clean the hard drive, diagnose and fix all kinds of hidden issues. It's almost guaranteed that you'll regain extra performance. Read on...

What You Can Do with PC Health Advisor:

Optimize Speed and Performance

Monitor processes on your Windows-based netbook, stop slowdowns, defragment the hard drive.

Clean up System Junk on Your Netbook

Get rid of useless or unneeded junk files such as internet caches, history, temporary files, etc. to reclaim space.

One-click Scan and Fix All Issues

You don't have to download multiple programs to address different problems. This software fixes them all with one-click.

Increase Your Netbok Security

Find and remove malware that might be running in active processes with the continually updated malware database.

Access to Maintainance Tools

Manage startup items, clean web browser history, adjust Windows settings, open unknown file extensions, all in one place.

Get Professional Support

Free technical support (both by phone and by email) is included within the software, for your convenience.

"It really works to keep my netbook clean and fast..."

"One of the favorite PC tools that I've installed on my tiny netbook computer, it works amazingly well to clean and speed up my netbook. I've no hesitation in many times recommending it to many colleagues and friends."

- Jessica Boris (event photographer)

Speed up Netbook in Action...

The ultimate all-in-one PC performance software. Download to make your netbook fast again.

The software is compatible with netbooks running Windows 10, 8, 7, XP operating system (64-bit and 32-bit). 


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